Before you Send, Check It.

Find bad links, missing images and other embarrassingly public screw ups in your marketing emails.

Forward any marketing email to:

We'll reply with an automated report in less than a minute.


Every email you send seems more complex than the last and there's a million little things to keep track of. Checking everything manually means it's almost impossible not to miss something.

Broken Links

The average marketing email has over 40 separate links in it.

Clicking each would take you an hour.

We'll tell you if they're good in seconds.

Missing Images

How email clients render messages often makes it difficult to tell at a glance that an image isn't there.

Learn if every image is shown and shown fast enough that your subscriber hasn't already left.

Merge Variables

Ever gotten an email sent to "Hey *|F_NAME|* or had a link get invisibly broken because it's value was missing?

We check for unmerged template variables from every major email service.

Open Rate Killers

Little screwups depress open rates. Not having alt-text. A bad HTML setup. Accidently including a 5MB image.

We check and give you suggestions on how to dramatically boost your open rates.

Spam Tested

Would you know it if the lovingly crafted email you just sent ended up in your subscribers spam bin?

We'll alert you to the content choices that may be accidently triggering industry spam filters.

Real Client Previews

See previews of exactly how your email is going to look in the email clients making up the majority of your subscriber base.

Don't risk your main CTA looking wonky in Gmail and your launch going bust.

An Actual Report

We've embedded a typical report below.

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