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“I was so embarrassed.”

Every email marketer has a story that starts like that. The day that you were rushed for time, trying to get things done and:

  • You emailed the entire list a CTA button that with a broken link.

  • You linked to a download but they got an error page.

  • The lead image you spent hours picking only loaded from your laptop and nobody else could see it.

And what kills you, is that this is the easy stuff. All your skill, years of experience and industry knowledge get swept away and you lose credibility because a stupid link got mangled in pasting it from a document into your email template.

You just want to do the real marketing work, not burn hours checking and double checking links, images and all the other things that go into an optimized email send.

In a perfect world, you'd have a full time Quality Assurance person. They'd be dedicated to making sure your email content was working perfectly for every send. You could have a junior staffer do it, but the work is so tedious and error prone that even teams with crisp checklists and signoffs still end up making mistakes.


“The manual tasks of verifying all the links and images for my newsletter have been replaced with a single item: Send Check It."

Jaana Kulmala,

“A Shame Spiral of Broken Links.”

Every email you send is a statement that: “Hey! You should listen to me. I have something worth your time.”

Which is why having broken links is so hurtful. As unfair as it it, it directly undercuts your main message. Rightly or wrongly, people reading your email think: “If they can’t even get a link right in an email, how can I trust them with anything?”

There’s a very common pattern we see where:

  • You’ll send an email with a broken link to your whole list.

  • You’ll get some responses that “Hey, I can’t get to this!”

  • You’ll immediately resend a “fixed” email that in your haste also contains a bad link

  • You lose subscribers + sales drop as they’re annoyed by the whole thing.

And in some ways this is a best case scenario. Most people won’t respond. Most people won’t let you know that there’s an issue and you’ll just silently bleed customers and sales as people click your links and drift away.

Links are constantly going bad as websites change, permissions get updated, testing tools are turned off and on and responsibilities shift. With all that happening, “Just be better about checking all the links” is something easy to say but hard to do. It takes a big chunk of time and usually you don’t find anything wrong, so naturally you get complacent. Then there’s a big issue and you’re diligent in checking for a while and the cycle starts all over.

Send Check It breaks this cycle by making it easy to make sure every link is right every time.

Andrew culver

“I wish Send Check It existed earlier in my career. I’d have fewer gray hairs and more customers to show for it."

Andrew Culver, Nomad Stand

Brian hogg

“Email isn't something you can 'undo' - I feel so much better using Send Check It to make sure there's no issues before I hit send!"

Brian Hogg, ChimpBridge

Hey *|F_NAME|*

There’s a certain magic in email personalization. Being able to tailor messages to each recipient and address them by their name is a powerful way to build a relationship with them.

Until you mess it up.

Today’s marketing automation systems are complex, the information you have about each prospect comes from a variety of sources and together this creates a ticking time bomb of potential personalization screw ups.

Mis-personalized emails make your prospects feel bad and make you look unprofessional. Which is why Send Check It tears apart every email looking for issues like both the presence of obvious errors like *|F_NAME|* but also for other signs of mis-personalization. So your prospects keep loving you.

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