Big Badass List of the Best Email Marketing Services

Explore reviews for 127 personally researched and vetted email marketing tools.

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Paint brush


Tools and Services for creation and collaboration of email designs.

Bee Beautiful emails, easy and fast.

Bee has two products: 1. If you're building a SAAS app that needs to let users create good looking emails, you could do a lot worse than Bee's embedded email editor. 2. If you're non HTML coding designer, they have a slick online editor with lots of prebuilt templates you can modify.

Bee Pro (For Designers) $10/mo for Freelancers. $25/mo for Teams. Bee Plugin $100, $500, $2,500 per mo depending on usage.

Chamaileon Produce email templates faster than ever before

Collaborative email builder and content management platform with 1000+ built in email templates and blocks. A good option for larger businesses, agencies, and enterprises.

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Knak Create amazing email and landing page templates in minutes

Enables you to choose a template, customize the branding and sync to Marketo or Eloqua. Good option if you are already using Marketo or Eloqua.

$125/month for the basic email editor and unlimited templates. $499/mo to use the Advanced Email Editor

Mail Designer Pro Create professional email newsletters, zero HTML, 100% creative freedom

HTML mail creator software that can create and optimize HTML email newsletter designs. Good option even if you don't have any HTML skills.

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MJML Opensource Email Framework

A custom HTML like templating language and processor to help generate responsive emails more easily. Good if you struggle to make your HTML emails responsive.



Services that provide an endpoint for messaging that you can use for your own custom email sending.

Bluecore Bluecore’s Decisioning Platform is built for Commerce.

Uses customer and catalog data to help ecommerce brands make important business and marketing decisions. A great choice if you struggle to know what type of email to send next, who to send it to, and even what products should be promoted.

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Bronto #1 in Commerce Marketing Automation

A collection of eCommerce marketing automation and other marketing tools. A good option for mid sized brands and enterprise organizations.

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Klaviyo Sell More by Using Data to Drive Your Marketing

Makes it easy for you to target, personalize, measure and optimize email and Facebook campaigns. Good option for eCommerce marketers.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$50 $325 $1,200

Rebel True one-click checkout in-email.

Used for cart recapture and abandonment. Eases the friction of getting back in and checking out to boost sales.

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Sailthru Sailthru Helps You Acquire, Grow and Retain Your Customers

Personalizes individual customer experiences across digital communication channels—in email, on a brand’s website and in their mobile applications. Good for reducing churn and driving higher lifetime value of customers.

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SendOwl Sell More Digital Products

Works with other email gateways and integrations. Useful if you're selling something like an eBook or one off course. Built in options for things like running affiliate programs, sending cart abandonment emails and discount codes.

$15/mo for up to 30 Products

Marketing Automation

Services that help orchestrate targeted email campaigns based on user behavior.

ActiveCampaign Marketing automation that listens and learns

Features powerful automation, a built-in CRM, SMS messaging, and more. It's a good option for those who want to automate more than just email marketing

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$41 $148  -

ActiveTrail Automate Your Email Marketing

Includes personalized automation, email templates, a landing page creator, SMS messaging, online surveys, and integrations through Zapier. A good option for those without a landing page or survey tool in their marketing stack.

Monthly plans include unlimited access to all of our features

Act-On Marketing Automation You’ll Love

A marketing automation platform with both inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. A great choice if you utilize inbound marketing.

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Adobe Campaign Deliver consistent campaigns everywhere.

Includes campaign management, email creation, and email automation. A good option if you are already using the adobe marketing cloud.

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Astonish Email Email marketing for your business.

An email marketing tool targeted at small businesses in the UK. A good option to consider if you're in that demographic.

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Automizy A.I. powered email marketing automation

Marketing automation with a large emphasis on optimization. "AI" auto optimizes campaigns and tests to try and wring the most from all your email sends, etc.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$39 $139  -

Autopilot Automate customer journeys as simply as drawing on a whiteboard

Marketing automation tool with an emphasis on simplicity. Good for marketers and business owners which want an quick and easy to use marketing automation tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$40 $320 $1,632

AWeber Connect with more people. Sell more stuff.

Email marketing tool with an emphasis on simple to use email newsletter design tools. A good option if you don't have HTML and/or design experience.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$29 $69  -

Benchmark Email Transform Your Email Marketing

Online email marketing solution with easy to use tools and a simple but in depth real time reporting. A great choice if your looking or something quick and simple, but still need in depth analytics and advanced features.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$18 $73  -

Boomtrain Artificial Intelligence for Marketers

Blends artificial intelligence with marketing automation. A good choice for if you're looking for AI insights in addition to standard marketing automation tools.

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BrandMaker Engage Better. Sell Moore.

All-in-one marketing software to run your marketing operations. A good option for marketing teams looking for a centralized workspace to plan campaigns, create content and empower channel partners.

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CallidusCloud Make More Money, Faster

Marketing automation tool that provides personalization, lead scoring, web visitor tracking, and more. A good option for organizations with a more sales oriented email marketing strategy.

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Campaigner Email Into Revenue

Email Marketing tool packed with features including, 900+ email templates, advanced reporting, and more. A good option if you require many different features in one tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$19 $79 $549

Campaign Monitor Elegantly simple email marketing

Easy to use marketing automation tool that has a drag and drop interface. Good for businesses which need a simple tool for creating, sending, and automating emails.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $89  -

campayn The easy and affordable way to build better emails

Features dozens of free and responsive email templates as well as detailed email analytics. Good for organizations seeking to improve work flow and design without spending too much time

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $69 $299

Captavi Platform Simply Market and Enable Faster Sales

Digital Marketing platform that includes lead gen, audience management, event management, and customer retention tools. Good for brands using both content marketing and email marketing.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $695  -

Charley Beautifully Simple Email Marketing

Powerful and easy to use email marketing platform for enterprises. Designed to be as simple as sending a message on your phone. A good option for creating and sending email marketing campaigns.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$19 $75 $475

Colabo Next Generation Sales

Flexible sales platform which helps sales teams create their own custom sales stack. Good if you're looking for a sales oriented tool to add to your email marketing stack.

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Constant Contact Powerful Email Marketing, Made Simple

Powerful but easy to use email marketing tool. Good for those without a background in email marketing.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$45 $95  -

ConvertKit Email Marketing for Professional Bloggers

Marketing automation app that's tailored for bloggers. A good choice if you're a blogger looking to grow a successful online business.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$29 $119 $679

CreateSend Easy email marketing

Unique email marketing tool that offers a pay as you go model. A good option if you're looking for that kind of pricing model.

Contact for Pricing

Curated Grow Your Audience

Marketing automation software with an emphasis on curated content. Good if you're looking to promote your product or service alongside curated content.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$39 $129  -

Delivra Take the frustration out of email marketing

An easy-to-use, affordable email marketing software built for marketers. A good option for small to medium-sized businesses with marketing teams.

Three pricing options available; standard, professional & commerce

DirectIQ Easy and Fast Email Marketing For Everyone.

A feature rich marketing automation platform with 10,000+ customers. A good option if you're looking for an easy to use but still full featured tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$12 $69 $450

dotmailer Built by marketers, for marketers

A uniquely scalable, easy-to-use and fast email, social, mobile, design, management and reporting tool. A good option for those looking to improve email marketing efficiency and roi.

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Drift Messaging for Marketing & Sales

Marketing automation tool with a focus on in app messages. Good if you're struggling to reach your audience via email.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$50 $77 $347

Drip Quick & Easy Marketing Automation Software

Provides marketing automation, email, and contact managers. Good for organizations that have an existing subscriber list, but struggle to convert to customers.

Contact for Pricing

Email It Powerful Email Marketing Software for Businesses

Email marketing software that can create email newsletters, manage contacts, and automate your marketing. Other features like RSS driven email campaigns make this tool a good choice if you're willing to put in the time to set it up.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$11 $60 $398

Emarsys The B2C Marketing Cloud

Data science and execution platform that focuses on 1-to-1 personalization. A good choice if you're looking to maximize individual customer value.

Contact for Pricing

Emma Start Winning the Inbox

Marketing automation tool that helps make your marketing personal, relevant, and timely. A good option if you're looking for a simple to use email marketing tool with branching logic.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$89 $89  -

Experiture Human Engaging Platform

Marketing Platform that enables you to create, deploy, measure and optimize automated multichannel marketing programs at scale. A good option for marketers that need to do it all on their own.

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FireDrum Get Your Message Out

Easy-to-use email marketing system that enables you to send emails in just minutes. Good for those seeking powerful automation on a budget.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$10 $60 $430

FirstHive Creating Customer Identities. Driving Marketing ROI.

Comprehensive marketing software that takes care of engaging with your customers across multiple channels and provides you with real-time integrated customer intelligence. A good choice if your messaging needs to always be relevant.

Contact for Pricing

Freshmail Everything you need to send effective email marketing campaigns

Drag and drop template designer, auto-responders, marketing automation and integrated analytics make up some of the features built into this tool. Good choice for marketers and business owners with a need for proving and optimizing ROI.

Unlimited sending

Get Response All-in-one Online Marketing Platform to Grow Your Business

A suite of email marketing tools designed to deliver tailor-made offers to your contacts when they’re most active. Good for those looking to create an effective marketing strategy.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$15 $65 $450

Headreach Finding the right leads shouldn't take this long

Enables you to find ideal prospects with smart targeting. Good if you're struggling to close deals because you aren't talking to the right people.

Contact for Pricing

HubSpot Inbound Marketing & Sales Software

An inbound marketing and sales platform that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers. Good if you're looking for an all-in-one solution with an inbound focus.

Packages include marketing software

Icontact Email Marketing Re-imagined

Drag and drop marketing automation tool. Good if you're looking for a quick and easy to use solution.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $67  -

Inboxman The easiest and cheapest emailing tool

Marketing tool with great segmentation potential. Good if you'd benefit from heavily segmenting your email subscriber lists.

Prices are in Euros (€)

Informz Marketing Sophistication Made Simple

Marketing automation tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks, create more personalized emails and trigger messaging based on behavior and targeting. Good for nurturing leads.

Contact for Pricing

InfusionSoft Modernize Your Marketing

Combines CRM, email marketing, lead capture and e-commerce. Good for small business sales and marketing.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $379  -

Instiller Email marketing for agencies

White label email marketing solution for creating powerful and engaging email marketing campaigns. Good option for agencies.

Contact for Pricing

Interakt The Only Integration You Need

Brings together multiple communications and interactions channels. Good option if you want to avoid integrating multiple services.

Pricing starts at $41 /mo. Free up to 1,500 Emails/mo.

Intercom We are making business personal

Messaging app that can be used in your app, website, social media, and email. A good option if you or your customers prefer a text message like experience as opposed to an email based interaction.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$118 $281  -

Iterable Growth Marketing Across All Channels

Enables you to create user engagement campaigns across all channels, segment users, build workflows, automate touchpoints and test strategies at scale without engineering support. Good option for growth marketers at mid-market and enterprise B2C companies.

Contact for Pricing

JangoMail Cutting Edge Email Technology

Email marketing services with an extensive API, real-time database integration, 150+ email templates, a WYSIWYG email editor, a spam content checker and many other features. A good option for organizations of all sizes.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $144  -

MailBrainiers Email Delivery & Scalability managed for your business!

Helps you with servers, IPs, blacklists, domain reputation, frequency of your emails, newsletter designs, customer outreach and more. Good if you need help with every aspect of email marketing.

Contact for Pricing

MailClark Affordable inboxes in Slack, unlimited users

Fully-featured bot that can host the help desk of your Customer Support team, create an inbox for your Sales or Marketing team, set up an email group for clients or colleagues, receive alerts or newsletters & more. Good option if you're looking for an AI to support you.

$9/mo per inbox; $39/mo for Unlimited Inboxes

Mailerlite All You Need to Power Your Email

Email Marketing tool with the ability to create responsive landing pages, automate email campaigns, and more. Good option if you're looking to generate more leads from your subscriber list.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $35 $240

Mailigen Easiest Way to Create, Send & Automate Email Newsletters

Helps you capture the attention of your customers with marketing automation. Good if you struggle to find the time to keep subscribers engaged.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$15 $60 $400

Mailjet One Solution To Power Your Email

All-in-one solution to send, track and deliver both marketing and transactional emails. Good if you need to send and optimize delivery of transactional emails.

Contact for Pricing

Mailrelay An email campaign solution, with prices that suit your budget

Advanced email marketing platform with powerful features. Good for creating, sending and managing your newsletters.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $32 $153

Mailshake A simple solution for cold emails.

A collection of pre-written messages (you can use your own as well) with a few simple questions. Good for generating a personalized email for cold email campaigns.

Contact for Pricing

MailUp Be Relevant

Complete email & SMS delivery solution that combines advanced email marketing features with SMTP relay and plugins for eCommerce, CRM and CMS systems. Good if you need both email and SMS.

Contact for Pricing

MailWhizz A simple to use, efficient and full-featured email marketing application.

MailWizz's interface is functional if not pretty. Overall, it gives the impression of just plainly wanting to get the job done with respect to a very bare bones content marketing application.

$54 one time fee. But you'll need to pay separately for SMTP Access.

MailZak Everything you need for email marketing

Analyses how customers interact with your emails and arms you with powerful analytics tools to reach the right people at the right time. Good if you struggle to optimize your emails.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $12 $24

Marketfox Next Gen Marketing Automation software

Marketing Automation software that simplifies Marketing with AI. Good if you struggle with attracting, converting and engaging your visitors.

Contact for Pricing

Marketing 360® Fuel Your Brand

Fully managed marketing and website platform built for any size brand. Good if you need a tool for website and your marketing.

Contact for Pricing

Marketing Optimizer All-in-One Marketing Automation Platform

Generate, nurture, and manage leads with a complete marketing automation toolset. Good if you need to dial-in your marketing and promotion.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$149 $899  -

Marketo Best-in-Class Marketing Automation Software

Powerful marketing automation software that is one of the most well known choices in industry. Good option overall for marketing automation.

Contact for Pricing

Moosend Email Marketing As Easy As It Gets

Intuitive automations editor in which you can set up automated workflows and send triggered campaigns based on your subscribers' behavior. Good if you're struggling to grow through email marketing.

Free up to 5K contacts / Unlimited email campaigns

MotionMail Countdown timers for your email

Increase engagement, conversions and sales by enhancing your marketing emails with easy to design and create countdown timers. Good for converting more subscribers to customers during limited time offers.

Pricing is based on credits/email sent - 100,000 credits is $10

Ontraport All-in-one Business Automation

​Marketing automation software with nearly endless possibilities. Send emails, texts, postcards, and more through the automation platform. Good if you're looking for a automation tool that can do it all, and don't mind a bit of complexity.

$297 for up to 25,000 contacts

Optinize The all-in-one marketing platform

Cloud-based customer engagement platform which enables marketers to track user behavior, identify their interests, and respond with highly targeted messages. Good if you want a tool for email, sms, and social ads.

$76/mo for 2000 contacts

Oracle Eloqua Drive Dynamic Journeys

Creates personalized campaigns across multiple channels including email, display search, web, video and mobile. Good for those looking to automate campaigns across many different channels.

Contact for Pricing

Pardot B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce

B2B marketing automation tool by Salesforce which help marketers create more leads, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals. Good for B2B sales automation, also a good choice if you're already using Salesforce.

There are 3 plans offered from $1000-$3000, up to 10,000 contacts

Pinpointe Target. Deliver. Measure.

Feature-rich, cloud-based email marketing software solution for B2B companies. Good for small and mid-size B2B companies.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $74 $480

Plumb5 Real-time Customer Engagement Platform

State machine that is capable of real-time engagement regardless of any customer touch-point. Good if your need real-time, 24/7 automation.

Contact for Pricing

PostUp Do epic $#!% with your audience.

An Enterprise Email Marketing platform. Primarily focused on Media companies. They have some interesting pricing based on open rates.

By Request

Privy Your email list growth platform.

A suite of tools to grow your email list and incentivize website conversions. Good if you're struggling to build your email list.

Contact for Pricing

Rare Send smarter email, make more money.

Tool that enables you to analyze every customer's data points and use it to generate emails with offers that your customer is most likely to buy, and send it to them at the time they're most likely to buy it. Good for increasing conversions.

$25 /month for up to 999 contacts.

Really Simple Systems Making CRM Simple

Scalable CRM system has been designed and priced to work with you as your business grows. Good if your email marketing and sales lacks a CRM currently.

Contact for Pricing

Real Magnet Attract. Engage. Deliver

Marketing automation software that makes it easy for you to generate, manage and measure the impact of personalized, engaging content throughout the customer lifecycle. Good for moving subscribers through the funnel.

Contact for Pricing

RedCappi It’s so easy a baby can use it!

Easy-to-use tool with which you can create personalized emails that connect with your customers. Good if you need a simple to use email marketing tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$15 $69 $349

Rejoiner Drive Faster Revenue Growth with Lifecycle Email Software

Technology that enables merchants to capture intent from customers who abandon e-commerce transactions. Good if you struggle with cart abandonment.

Contact for Pricing

Revue Get your thoughts into people's inboxes

Tool that makes it simple to send email newsletters. Good if you're not sending a newsletter because you've not had the time, or fear the complexity.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$5 $25  -

Robly Grow Your List + Get More Opens

Technology that resends unopened emails 1 to 10 days later with a different subject line. Good if you're struggling with low open rates.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $79 $449

Salesforce Desk Preferred Partner

Manage all their service channels - email, mobile, chat, phone, self-support sites and social networks like Twitter and Facebook - in one place. Good for customer service and if you're already using Salesforce.

Contact for Pricing

SalesforceIQ Inbox Leveraging Your Salesforce Data to Supercharge Your Sales

A suite of mobile and desktop productivity apps to help every sales rep to sell smarter. Good if you're already using Salesforce tools.

Contact for Pricing

Salesfusion Marketing Automation That Works.

Complete, enterprise-grade marketing automation tool that encompasses all components of inbound and outbound marketing tactics. Good for enterprises.

Starting prices

SendinBlue Powerful Marketing Tools for Everyone

A robust suite of email and SMS messaging services within a single, user-friendly solution. Good for marketing communications as well as transactional communications.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $7 $66

Sendloop Growing Your Business With Email Marketing Has Never Been Easier

Create and send beautiful emails to targeted segments. Good if you need automation but have no technical skills.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$14 $59 $465

Sendpulse Marketing Made Simple

Maximizes the core metric of e-mail marketing - newsletter open rate - automatically. Good if you're struggling to improve email open rates on your own.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $53 $322

SendSmith Make Email Marketing A Breeze

Features campaign statistics, session tracking, contact segmentation, and more. Good if you want an email marketing tool with a pay as you go model.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$37 $320  -

SendWithUs Make Your Emails Stand Out

Activate, retain and engage with customers using data driven emails. Good for enterprises.

Contact for Pricing

Sendx Growth Tools and Email Marketing Automation

Combines various tools into a single solution for all your marketing needs. Good if you need to automate several growth and marketing tasks.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $99 $549

SharpSpring Simple, Easy, Affordable Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software that helps businesses identify prospects & drive customers down the sales pipeline, with tools like lead scoring & drip emails. Good if you're looking for marketing automation software that's easy to use.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $600  -

SimplyCast Discover. Organize. Communicate.

A feature-rich solution combining marketing automation, inbound marketing and interactive communication. A good choice for major organizations worldwide.

Contact for Pricing

SmartCloud Connect Boost Productivity and Save Time by Working in Your Native Environment

Turns your email client into Salesforce. Good if you already work with and enjoy using Salesforce.

Contact for Pricing

SmartMailer Be Smart, Be Seen.

One of the most cost effective email marketing platforms on the market today. Good if price is a major concern.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$10 $20  -

Soffront Marketing Automation, CRM, and Digital Marketing Services - All Under One Roof

Marketing automation tool and an experienced marketing team to help you with lead generation and nurturing. Good if you're looking for both software and services.

Contact for Pricing

SproutLoud We are shaking up the Channel Marketing world!

Helps brands manage and execute marketing programs with the local businesses that sell their products and services. Good if you need to incorporate local businesses and storefronts into your marketing.

Contact for Pricing

SwiftERM Intelligent Email Marketing

Uses a machine learning algorithm to crunch browsing, purchase and abandon data to identify products with the highest likely buying propensity for each individual consumer - it then populates a style-sheet with those products and sends each consumer a personal email. Good for eCommerce brands.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
 - $120 $1

Trumpia The Most Complete SMS Software

Automated SMS platform enabling you to send mass SMS or individual alerts to the right people at the right time. Good for SMS marketing.

Contact for Pricing

Vero The event driven email platform for product focused teams

Enables engineering, product and marketing to collaborate on designing personalized customer interactions. Good if you're looking for a data-driven platform.

Contact for Pricing

Vertical Response Email Marketing. Just Like That.

An easy, fast, and affordable way to send monthly newsletters, special offers, invitations, and social posts that deliver your message, help grow your business, and keep you top of mind. A good choice for simple automation and newsletter delivery.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$33 $160  -

Waypoint Software Automate Your Lead Business & Enhance Your Data

Web-based Lead Aggregation, Distribution, and Real-Time Automated Lead Management Software. Good if you need an easy to use, but robust delivery engine.

Contact for Pricing

Websand Better email marketing. More Sales. Less Work.

Marketing automation platform that makes it easy to turn the business data you collect every day into increased customer engagement and more sales through data-driven marketing. Good if you already collect a lot of data.

Contact for Pricing

Yesmail One Brand, One Mission, One Partner.

Enables brands to develop and implement life cycle email marketing programs designed. Good for moving customers along each life cycle stage.

Contact for Pricing

Zoho The operating system for business.

Create, send, and track effective email campaigns that help you build lasting relationships with your customers. Good if you also use Zoho's other tools.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$10 $70 $350
Envelope square


Services built with the notion of sending periodic broadcast emails to a mass list.

CakeMail The email marketing tool for Small Business

Allows you to maintain contact lists, create groups and send emails. A good option for small businesses in need of an email marketing tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$14 $59  -

Justuno The Conversion Marketing Toolkit

Enables you to design and implement effective on-site promotions as well as engage website visitors with sales promotions, valuable content, contests, exit offers, and more. A good option if you're looking for a suite of tools.

Contact for Pricing

Mad Mimi Simple Lovely Email

Easy way to create, send, share and track email newsletters online. Good if you want email marketing to be simple.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$12 $42 $369

MailChimp Better Emails, More Sales

Email Marketing tool that helps grow your lists, increase conversions, and optimize your audience engagement with beautiful emails and autoresponders, high-converting web forms, laser-sharp segmentation, and unique delivery tools. Good if your looking for a email newsletter tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $80 $500

MoonMail To help you SELL more!

Email Marketing Software Platform to send Email Marketing Newsletters. Good for creating, designing and analyzing your email marketing campaigns.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$29 $119  -

MPZMail Your Email Marketing Made Easy!

Drag and drop email designer for creating email marketing newsletters. Good if you need an easy to use tool.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $30  -

Send Social Media # 1 Social Media Management Dashboard

Social Media Management Dashboard with integrated email broadcast features. Good if you place a heavy emphasis on social media marketing.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$22 $72 $3,237

TinyLetter Email for people with something to say

A personal newsletter service brought to you by the people behind MailChimp. Good for sending updates, digests, and dispatches to fans and friends.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $0 $0
Hand o up


Service to make Prospecting, Cold Emailing and Follow Up easier.

Reply Enabling 1:1 Conversations at Scale

Comprehensively automates email workflows with your prospects and customers. Good for sending tailored, personalized emails and follow-ups.

Contact for Pricing

Skrapp Find anyone's email address and build your most accurate leads directory.

A chrome extension for LInkedIn prospecting. Find emails associated with companies and website from within Chrome.

1k emails /mo for $39 with plans up to 20k emails/mo for $149

Woodpecker Cold Emails & Follow-Ups Sent Automatically From Your Mailbox

SaaS web-based email client for B2B companies using sales emails with follow-up automation. Good for B2B companies using email marketing primarily for sales purposes.

Contact for Pricing
Thumb tack


Service to make Prospecting, Cold Emailing and Follow Up easier.

Sigstr We are email signature marketing

Puts dynamic email signatures on each outbound email from your company adding an additional CTA to each. Good if you don't make great use of your signature. (Hint: you probably don't.)

$5 to $10 per month per user.
Arrow circle right


Services that provide an endpoint for messaging that you can use for your own custom email sending.

Elastic Email Email Marketing for Business of Any Size

Email marketing and delivery tools including an SMTP Relay, HTTP API, Account Interface, Contact Management, Template Editor and more. A good option if you understand the more technical side of email.

150,000 free emails per month. $0.09 / 1000 additional.

FeedBlitz Your Email Marketing RSS Feed and Subscriber List Solution

All-in-one service combining email marketing, social media and RSS feed management. A good choice for creating emails from RSS feeds.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$29 $69 $399

SendGrid One platform for all your email needs.

Cloud-based customer communication platform. Good for both startups and enterprises.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $10 $100

SparkPost Email delivery services built for developers, by developers

Email delivery platform built on AWS. Good email platform for developers.

Pricing for contacts / month
1k 10k 100k
$0 $0 $0

How To Choose the Best Email Marketing Service for your Business

Email marketing software has become more advanced, and more capable than ever. With the widespread adoption of machine learning and AI, email marketing and sales tools can achieve higher ROI than before.

But, to unlock this potential you need the right collection of tools. First, let's address why you should build an email marketing stack in the first place.

Email Marketing Stacks vs. Single Tools

“With only one tool you're likely missing out on other features that can boost your ROI even higher.”

Many marketers understand the power of email marketing tools, but don't see the point in building a stack over choosing just one tool. After all, plenty of tools out there can design, send and automate emails. Why would you need more tools than that?

The answer is simple. With only one tool you're likely missing out on other features that can boost your ROI even higher. Features that you may miss out on with a single tool setup include:

  • SMS messaging
  • AI powered analytics and recommendations
  • Powerful personalization capabilities
  • Social Media Integrations (think both data and messaging)
  • Landing Pages and Popups
  • And more

Additionally, there's always the jack of all trades master of none issue. One tool simply can't do it all as effectively as niche tools which specialize in a specific category.

Building your ultimate email marketing stack will start with an understanding of what you need and how each tool can specifically deliver on one or more points.

Step 1: Understand Your Email Marketing and Sales Needs

It all starts here. What do you need from an email marketing or sales campaign? Create a list of the jobs you'll need your email marketing stack to perform. Examples include:

  • Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder
  • HTML email designer
  • Newsletter Tool
  • eCommerce integration which can recommend products to promote
  • Automation that integrates with our shopping cart tool
  • Email automation for sales emails (cold emails and follow-ups)
  • Check emails for errors and broken links before sending
  • And more

It helps to look at what different email marketing tools offer, as you may not even know about a particular feature until you see it offered by a tool.

A great way to view many email marketing tools at once is to check out our email ecosystem. Our email ecosystem allows you to explore more than 115 email marketing tools at a glance. It includes tools for all levels of the email marketing stack and is a great place for both inspiration and comparing similar tools.

“Our email ecosystem allows you to explore more than 115 email marketing tools at a glance.”

Step 2: Picking Your First Tool

Once you've laid out your needs and desired features, you can move on to picking your first tool. You've hopefully looked through our email ecosystem already (even just briefly) so you'll know there's a lot to choose from. A good place to start is with your newsletter/automation tool. Basically start with the tool you'll use to actually send emails.

Most of the time, it'll just be one tool, but in some cases you may want to pick two. A good example of this is when you have both sales and marketing emails to think about. Your sales team may want something that integrates with Salesforce for example while your marketing team needs something capable of sending beautifully designed marketing newsletters.

Either way, you need to start here as each other tool will build on top of this.

Criteria You Should Consider

Let's lay out some basic criteria you should be familiar with when picking this tool.


First, there's the cost. Most of these tools are priced based on the number of subscribers and emails sent. Take a moment to note how large your list is, and how often you'll be sending emails. Once you have those numbers, multiply the number of emails you anticipate sending per month by the number of subscribers in your list. This will give you the total number of monthly emails you should be sending (or at least a ballpark figure).

With that info in hand you can begin doing price comparisons. Price isn't everything, but it'd be silly to think it's not a factor. Even if you have an unlimited budget, a lower priced tool could result in a higher ROI!

Don't rule out any of the pricier tools just yet though! We still need to see what they offer.


The next thing you'll want to check is how powerful the provided automation is. Is it a basic drag and drop system, allowing you to create drip campaigns or can you do more?

As an eCommerce brand you may want to check that it's automation features integrate with your shopping cart so that you can do abandoned cart campaigns. Similarly you can use it for automating tracking info and order info.

Another thing to check is whether there is any intelligent automation. That is automation that uses machine learning/AI to remove the need for you to configure it yourself. One tool, again in the eCommerce industry, analyzes product and customer data to automate your newsletter with recommended product promotions.


The next feature you'll want to check is design. Many newsletter and automation tools feature built in drag and drop design editors as well as templates. But, not all are created equal. For example, some tools have thousands of templates while others may only have a dozen.

Similarly, the quality of the drag and drop editor can vary widely. They may be quick and easy to use and produce great designs. Or, they might be clunky and limited in their design options.

Will you or your team need to do HTML design for the emails yourselves or invest in another tool for design? If so, does this tool enable you to import said designs? Not all do, so it's especially crucial to check this point.

List Building Tools

Another important feature to look for is list building tools. Many newsletter and automation tools come with them built in, and it can save you from needed to invest in a third-party tool. (Though, third party tools can be a powerful addition to your stack which we'll discuss later).


The last feature you’ll need to consider for your email marketing tool is not really a feature at all. It’s actually the integrations that it natively works with. This is especially important for building your marketing stack as you need your tools to seamlessly communicate in order to create an efficient marketing stack.

You can some times work around via zapier or another tool like IFTTT, but ultimately a native integration is best. Since you haven’t built out your complete stack yet, you can’t be sure what tools you’ll need to integrate with. At this stage you’ll just want to ensure that it has plenty of integrations or - can at least easily use third part integrations.

Common Features

Features these tools may have:

  • Email Marketing & Newsletter Creation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Pages Creator
  • SMS Marketing/Messaging
  • Online Surveys
  • Built in Sales/CRM
  • CRM Integration
  • Site Messaging
  • Newsletter/Email Design
  • Free Templates
  • Email Tracking and Analytics
  • Newsletter Signup Tools (Pop up boxes, embedded forms, etc.)
  • Drag and Drop Editor
  • Support
  • Management of Bounces Complaints and Spam Reports
  • List Segmentation
  • Native eCommerce Integration
  • Mobile App
  • A/B Testing
  • Subscriber Management
  • Website Tracking
  • Social Posting/Monitoring
  • Email Verification
  • Free Stock Images
  • Optimized Email Delivery/Send Time Optimization
  • Inbox Inspector
  • Spam Test
  • Personalization
  • RSS to Email
  • Dynamic Content

And that covers the big things to look out for in your newsletter/automation tool. There are other features that can be present and may sway you to one tool or another, but these are the core things you need in this kind of email marketing tool.

Step 3: Designing your emails

“Your design tools will range from those that are technically oriented to simple to use tools.”

When it comes to designing your emails your existing tool may already have a solution. But, you may find a few limitations hard to work around. These may include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Lack of collaborative tools
  • Lack of templates
  • Lack of customizability
  • Isn’t responsive
  • Poor built in HTML editor
  • And more

If you’re in need of a third party design tool there are a few choices. Typically, your design tools will range from those that are technically oriented to simple to use tools. We’ll cover each briefly.

Technical Email Design Tools

Your technical email design tools will typically be focused on using and aiding your use of HTML and other coding languages to design your emails and newsletters. Some take a unique proprietary approach by using an open source alternative to HTML which makes it easier to create responsive designs. Others simply blend drag and drop with HTML more seamlessly than the design tools provided in most email automation tools.

Simple Email Design Tools

On the other end of the spectrum you’ve got email editors that cater to non technical marketers. These require no HTML skill to use and are often just a simple drag and drop system. This enables anyone to make a good looking email, and can pack powerful features that make it worthwhile. This includes collaborative email building throughout the email creation process.

It’s important to note that this step is optional. If your automation/newsletter features a design tool with good functionality and looks, you’re likely able to skip this part of the stack.

Common Features

Features these tools may have:

  • Free templates
  • Building blocks/Drag and Drop Editing
  • Collaboration
  • Mobile optimized/responsive designs
  • Role and team management
  • Easy to use HTML editor
  • Support

Step 4: Analyzing Emails and Adding AI

The next tool (or tools) that you add to your stack will be the most crucial. These are your AI and performance analysis tools. We're lucky to be in such a era when AI is both readily available and powerful. For email marketing and sales, there are plenty of options  which can help you increase the effectiveness of your emails.

AI and Machine Learning for Email Marketing

These include AI that can automate the sending of emails for you, analytics and AI tools that can predict/suggest the best content to be placed in an email, and more.

When looking for one of these tools - you'll need to keep a few things in mind. Criteria for these types of tools differs greatly from that of the other tools in this list.

For one, you need to see whether the tool is built for your industry or not. AI and machine learning require industry specific data to provide the best possible output. An AI without extensive data from your industry will have to learn what's best - resulting in lower ROI until it's accumulated enough data.

If it does have enough data, you'll be rewarded with insights like knowing which product to promote, when, and to which members of your list. None of which is a trivial thing to answer!

Email Analysis Tools

“Analysis tools are a must have for both email marketers and sales teams that rely heavily on email communications.”

In addition to AI, you've got your analysis tools. These have also come a long way in recent years, and you can now get more insight than ever before.

Now, email analysis tools can:

  • Check for broken links
  • Ensure that links don't lead to broken pages
  • Make sure that images load properly on all clients and devices
  • Check for missing, or broken personalization
  • Perform in-depth analysis of headlines
  • Check design responsiveness
  • Look for spam flags in your email
  • And plenty more.

Analysis tools are a must have for both email marketers and sales teams that rely heavily on email communications. They can save you and your team from embarrassing mistakes, as well as provide optimization insights for future emails.

Common Features

Creating a common features list for this category is a bit tough because unlike the categories above it, the tools and AI here will vary widely in use. Instead of looking for specific features, we'll advise you to look for tools that are industry specific or job specific.

Specificity of Data

This is because machine learning and AI are more accurate when their data is specific to a particular niche. If a tool only makes predictions for online retailers it'll be more accurate than one which makes predictions for all companies. Similarly, if a tool only analyzes headline data, it'll be more accurate than tools which attempt to do whole email analysis.

Closing Words on AI and Analysis Tools

Your email marketing stack will likely make use of many different analysis tools and one or two AI powered decisioning platforms. These tools are what will improve your email so be sure to place a strong emphasis on them. Don't be afraid to spend money where needed either.

While some tools are free, like our subject line analyzer, others can be costly. This shouldn't put you off from this category however, as you'll ultimately be missing out on a higher ROI if you do!

Step 5: Prospecting and Specialty Tools

The last tool or tools that you'll be adding to your stack will be prospecting (if you use email for sales as well, and/or specialty tools. This may include email signature creation/design tools, cold email/follow up tools, and more.

To give you an idea of what kind of tools to look for from this category, let's take a look at 3 from our email ecosystem.

The first is sigstr, and it can help in both sales and marketing emails. It's a tool for creating dynamic email signatures with CTAs for each of your team member's outgoing emails. This will help especially in marketing emails where the format is similar to a handwritten email more so than a newsletter.

After that, you've got tools like Reply and Woodpecker which save time and boost conversions by automating email workflows with prospects. They can send cold emails and automate follow-ups creating immense value for B2B companies doing sales emails.

There are other tools in this space, and we encourage you to explore your options, but note that all these tools are optional.

Step 6: Integrating All Tools into a Single Stack

Here comes the hard part. Now is the time to make sure all your tools play nicely. If you chose tools which are natively integrated great! You're likely already set up! But, if you didn't you'll need to use a tool like Zapier to pass info between apps.

This is the final and arguably one most crucial step of your stack. Without smooth, seamless integrations your stack will consume more of you and your team's time. This can put a dent on ROI as the stack eats up time waiting for you to manually transfer data.

Luckily, it's pretty easy to set up integrations even if they aren't natively supported. Once you've got data automatically exchanging between platforms you're usually set.

“Without smooth, seamless integrations your stack will consume more of you and your team's time.”

Parting Words

To recap, the 6 steps you'll need to take to create the ultimate marketing stack are as follows:

  • Understand email marketing and sales needs
  • Choose a newsletter/automation tool
  • Get a third party design tool (if the one in your automation tool/newsletter tool isn't up to the task)
  • Add AI and email analysis to your stack to increase ROI
  • Utilize prospecting and specialty tools if needed
  • Integrate all tools using native integrations or a third party app like Zapier